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Rose Hips & Carrot Nourishing Facial Wash

Sheaterra Organics

Rose Hips & Carrot Nourishing Facial Wash

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100% Natural, Made with Pure Spring Water and Certified Organic Oils. Is it possible to nourish your face while you wash? Well, we think so, and that is why we have made this one of a kind wash to feed your face while you deep cleanse. Certified organic rose hips oil and Nile grown carrot seed oil combine with organic coconut and sunflower to gentlyremove impurities without stripping skin. Scroll down to read more. 
Size: 4 oz.
The Story
Our Rose Hips & Carrot Perfecting Serum has been so popular that our customers begged for more. This nourishing, one of a kind face wash is for you, babe. Rose Hips & Carrot Nourishing Face Wash begins with the best organic rose hips oil collected from the lush mountain kingdom of Lesotho. Rose hips oil softens wrinkles and brightens the skin with its high tretinoin acid content (which skin converts into retinoic acid). Nile grown, cold-pressed carrot seed oil nourishes skin with its rich carotol content. Our exclusive oil is famed for smoothing skin and evening skin tone. And you'll be pleased to know that our artisanally crafted wash is made only with the purest Virginia mountain spring water, never recycled tap water. 
Amazing Ingredients
Spring water, USDA certified organic sunflower oil, BCO Certified Organic rose hips oil, Nile grown carrot seed oil, USDA Certified Organic coconut oil, wild harvested baobab oil, potassium hydroxide (positively charged salts which turn oil and water into soap), Kalahari Desert salt, carrot seed essential oil
How To USe
Apply a small amount of wash to wet face. Work well into skin. Rinse off well using tepid water. 
Shea Terra Advantage
100% natural
not made with decyl glucoside
no SLS
no coco-betaine
Made with pure spring water, not recycled tap water
No synthetic fragrance whatsoever
Oil based, not detergent based

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