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Egyptian Black Castor & Carrot Seed Conditioner (growth)

Sheaterra Organics

Egyptian Black Castor & Carrot Seed Conditioner (growth)

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Want healthier hair? Kick the bad chemical habit. Go all natural and support healthy hair growth. Our all natural shampoo is hand crafted in small batches from fresh ingredients and contains absolutely no SLS, no decyl glucoside or betaine found in other "natural shampoos". Egyptian black castor oil has been a treatment in Egypt since the time the pyramids were built, perhaps earlier. The beans of the castor plant are dark roasted before being cold pressed. This method releases sulphur, a hair growing stimulant. We combine this emollient, hair loving oil with genuine Egyptian carrot seed oil. This nutrient oil nourishes the hair with its high levels of carotene and pro-vitamin A. Amla, Indian gooseberry, is added to coat and protect the hair. It increases the strength and shine of hair. We've topped off this shampoo with stimulating certified organic verbenone rosemary grown in the pristine cape of South Africa. Pure rosemary oil also increases hair's shine as it stimulates hair follicles.

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