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The 5 Minute Face - AKA Make Up for the Busy

5 Minutes Make Up

After becoming a new mom, I felt like I just didn’t have time to dedicate to a make up routine. So, a splash of water on the face and I thought I was good for the day. But as it turns out, I am not super comfortable going out in public without a little concealer and some colour on my face. I noticed I would hesitate to want to go out, even to the grocery store and anyone with a new baby can tell you that going out is key to not feeling cagey in the house. I know, women should be stronger and be free from make up, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that I looked tired. People commented “Baby still not sleeping? Up all night?”. Sigh, clearly my under eye circles were giving away my lack of sleep. I searched for a way to make a true 5 Minute Face Routine. I am by no means a make up artist. Consider me a make up beginner. And yes, I could probably learn to contour and wear eyeliner etc, but I consider those to luxuries reserved for the skilled and those with more time than my 9 month old will allow.

We love to brag about how all our products are carefully selected and tested by us and occasionally a few helpers. We only partner with companies that make products that we love and would buy. Here are my favourite products for the 5 minute face;

Vita Active Foundation by FitGlow (Wearing VF2)

This is my makeup BFF. I just put a couple of pumps on my fingers and smear it all over my face until blended. It takes max 30 seconds. And it is so moisturizing without even being a bit greasy. My skin looks better since starting to use this product. It doesn’t cake and it doesn’t crack. It’s just plain amazing.   I usually wear this over my Kogi Natural Rosehip & Chamomile Organic Face Cream.

Conceal + by FitGlow (Wearing in Shade 1 – Light)

As I mentioned, the under eye circles were pretty prominent. At first, I was skeptical that anything less than intense house paint would cover them, but Conceal + works perfect for those under eye circles. I just use my finger to put it on being careful not to tug under my eye (this stuff is pretty creamy so it just glides on). I am sure a true make up artist would have a special brush but, my finger works just fine.  I like to use Kogi's Rose and Chamomile Organic Eye Cream as my eye cream under the concealer.  It is a nice light eye cream that absorbs well and does not irritate my sensitive eyes.


Fix Pressed Powder Foundation by Elate Beauty (Shade – Flaxen)

I like a nice powder that just feels like it sets everything into place. A quick swish of a brush on the powder, and then a few swipes on the face. Another 30 seconds tops. This stuff is pretty easy to just quickly apply. It seems like it absorbs any grease throughout the day. I love it. If I was a great make up artist, this would be the stuff I would use to learn to contour my face.


Cheek and Lip Tint - Evelyn Iona

I love this cheek tint for the summer.  It is creamy and not drying without being greasy.  It gives a perfect dewy glow.  And it looks great on the lips too.  Just pat a bit on easy cheek and it blends super easy.  A little colour on the cheeks often lifts the face and makes you look refreshed.

Essential Mascara – Elate Beauty

Finding a good natural mascara is tough. They often go on pretty light and don’t give much volume. The Elate Mascara is definitely winning over my heart as it defines, gives great colour and lengthens the lashes. This is way better than any drug store brand I have ever tried. Bonus, it is sensitive and washes off well!  Extra Bonus - Adorable bamboo packaging!

Natural Lip Gloss by Evelyn Iona (Shade – Lise)

This stuff packs a colour punch. I am wearing a very thin amount of this lip gloss and my lips are glossy and have colour. If you wanted to be a bit more glam, you could wear a bit more of it and really have the colour pop. I love the versatility of being able to increase the amount on your lips to increase the colour without having to buy multiple products. 

So, there you have it. 5 minutes and done. Maybe not even 5 full minutes. The longest part of the routine is washing and drying my face to get it ready :).  

What are your 5 Minute Face Tricks?


Live free, Luv Natural,


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