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Luke's Favourite Products (approved by his mama)

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Luke just turned 8 months!  Where does the time go?  Over the last 8 months this little guy has tested a few products for various things including diaper rash, eczema, diaper changes etc.  Some products work great (so we ordered them for Luvme) and some worked less great.  Here are some of our favourites.

Peas in a Pod Baby's Bum Balm

This product has been a life saver.  Not only did it help with one terrible spell of diaper rash, it also helped with some eczema that he developed on his elbow.  It is cloth diaper friendly as well.  It has the texture of petroleum jelly so it goes on smooth but it is made with all natural ingredients, unlike petroleum jelly which is just yucky.  It also works great for cradle cap.  This has been a constant in his life from day 1 and I could not be happier with the versatility and the results.  

Kogi Natural's Tear Free Shampoo & Body Wash

Bath time is so much easier when you don't have to worry if any little drop of soap on the face might irritate the eyes and result in a full blown crying session.  This baby shampoo/wash does foam and is super easy to rinse off.  And your baby will smell amazing.  It is very gentle on skin and did not cause any irritation on the eczema patch he had.  It also doesn't dry his skin.  This was the main concern for other shampoos we tried.  This is the only product we use in the tub at the moment and it does it all.

Kangacare Wet Bag

This bag has been used so much in such a short period of time.  I truly think I will always own at least one whether Luke is an infant, or a teenager.  We use one for cloth diapers when we are on the go, but we use this beautiful blue one for the pool.  We fit an adult towel, a baby towel, my clothes for after the pool, Luke's bathing suit, a clean diaper to go home in and 2 small pool toys into the bag on the way to the pool.  And on the way home, it carries all of our wet stuff and the bag stays DRY DRY DRY on the outside.  It is so useful and versatile.  It would make an excellent addition to a gym bag or for your teenagers for after gym class.  

Belly Buttons and Babies Sunscreen

Finding an all natural sunscreen for babies is hard.  Finding one that doesn't leave your kids looking like little ghosts was an even bigger challenge.  And finally, finding one that does not take ages to blend was really hard.  So we tested and tested sunscreens.  We found out pretty quick that kids don't sit still for long, so if the sunscreen we tested took awhile to rub in, it was out.  Once we tried Belly Buttons and Babies Sunscreen, we knew we had a winner.  It blends like a dream, smells like a holiday, and protects your skin from harmful sun rays.  This is good for babies up to adults.  Our whole family uses it and we will never go back to those cakey sunscreens again.

SheaTerra's Ghanna Gold Shea Butter


Along with the Peas in a Pod Baby Balm for the eczema and diaper rash, we used Shea Butter.  Shea Butter has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants and vitamins that are great for a baby's skin.  Once we used the Shea Butter in combination with the Baby Bum Balm, the diaper rash was already looking better within a day and gone by day 2.  And his eczema was much less pronounced and red and is now gone which was a huge relief as the doctor suggested steroid cream which I really did not want to do.  If your child has sensitive or irritated skin, this shea butter is a great all natural option.


What are your kid's favourite products?

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