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Happy Monday! Get Excited...

Elate Beauty March

We have had some exciting things happening at the Luvme shop these days. First, our Luvme family grew by 1 with the birth of our newest baby product tester, Hamish. He is super adorable as all babies are and he is one of the reasons we’ve been a little quieter these last few days. There are now 3 little boys in our Luvme family that we use as product testers luv! You may not know this, but we test the products before we bring them into the shop because if we don’t like them, we can’t get behind them.

So, this brings me to our next exciting piece of news. We are now carrying Elate Cosmetics! At the beginning of 2016 we had a great conversation with their founder Melodie and instantly fell in love with their philosophy. They are all about empowering women to practice self-love and feel confident in their skin while maintaining a healthy beauty routine. And since it was International Women’s day just a few days ago, we thought Elate would make a great feature of our weekly blog.

Not only are they all about being truly natural and safe to use, they go the extra mile with their amazing packaging. Their containers are reusable and made of bamboo or cardboard packaging made from seed paper that you can then plant in your garden. And they are cruelty free, chemical free, vegan and organic. And the biggest perk of all? Their products WORK! It is sometimes hard to find good organic beauty products that work so we are so thrilled to have found yet another great makeup line to carry.

Without further ado, here are some of the products we are currently carrying and we hope to carry more and more Elate products as time goes by.

Full Tint Foundation

This foundation gives you great coverage and also provides some sun protection. We luv it on it’s own, and as an alternative, it made a great tinted moisturizer when added to facial cream. It contains Coconut and Sea Buckthorn, which you may remember from previous blogs!  If you are looking for a little lighten covered, we are also carrying their Crème Revealer which gives great coverage to under eyes, blemishes and scars you may want to hide.


Fixed Powder Foundation

Sometimes you just need a little powder to absorb a little shine. This powder provides a great matte finish. It contains bamboo extracts to help soothe any irritation (great if you are covering a small blemish of any kind) and has argan oil, which also provide some moisture. We found it went perfectly with the Full Tint Foundation as it helps set your look. This means there is no need to reapply your powder all day like some powder foundations. 

Flushed Pressed Cheek Colour

If you are looking to brighten up your cheeks a bit or give yourself a little glow, this cheek colour is great. It, much like the fixed powder, contains bamboo extract and jojoba oil to nourish your skin while you wear it. We luved that it gave us a little colour during these winter months.


We are also carrying a few other items from Elate Cosmetics – so check it out!  If you see other Elate items you wish we would carry, please send us a request @  We luv hearing from you!

Have a great week! 


Live Free, Luv Natural



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