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March - Could spring be in the air?

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March is here! I can feel spring is just around the corner. I am already dreaming of tulips and gardening. And with March brings our top picks of the month. Since month typically goes from warm to cold and from sunshine to snowing, it can be a tough month on the body. Here are some products to help.

FitGlow Beauty Vita-Active Foundation

This foundation is the Cadillac of the natural make up world. The coverage is amazing, it feels velvety on the skin and it blends perfectly. Along with its ability to cover imperfections, it works to combat imperfections like diminishing spots, sun damage and hyper pigmentation. And since March often marks the 4th month of winter and our skin gets a little washed out, this foundation brightens the skin and fights the winter pasty look. This foundation is vegan friendly and never tested on animals.

Skoy Scrubbers

On those colder winter days, I dream of casseroles and baked pasta. And although it tastes delicious, scrubbing the pots after is always a chore. Until the Skoy Scrubber came into my life I would scrub and scrub and then “soak” the pans overnight (ie. Avoid finishing the dishes). The Skoy Scrubber makes it so easy to remove all the baked on food on your baking dishes. The best part is that you can put it in the dishwasher to get clean! And if you are done using it in the kitchen, move it to the garage and clean the bugs off your car lights or your golf clubs. This scrubber does it all. If you have non-stick pans, it would be best to use the Skoy Cloths instead as they are soft on the finishing of these pans.

Ghana Gold Shea Butter

This is a personal favourite. I love the way it melts with the heat of my hands and how smooth it glides on the skin. This stuff is great on stretch marks and on scars as well as on eczema and psoriasis. Many doctors will prescribe steroid cream for these types of skin ailments but Shea Butter could be the non-chemical solution to these problems. It is what is used in the African nations to treat all kinds of skin ailments with much success. Many shea butter products on the market have just a bit of shea butter in them and then filled with cheaper moisturizers. This Gold Ghana Shea Butter is 100% pure. If you have a rash, itchy skin, itchy scalp or just dry skin, this stuff is great. This is safe for the entire family. This is definitely the gold standard of shea butter.  Also, this clears up diaper rash like it was made for it!  

We hope you all have a beautiful March!


Live Free, Luv Natural



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