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Benefits of Coffee (Other than a Jolt)

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I don’t know what I would do without my morning cup of coffee (or pot of coffee). But, there are more benefits to coffee than just giving you that morning jolt.

The caffeine that gives you that much needed jolt in the morning also has great skin benefits too! These include;

Coffee can De-puff the eyes

Due to coffee’s ability to restrict blood vessels, a little coffee under the eyes can reduce puffiness. That is great when you have had a long night. FitGlow Beauty has even included it in their Conceal + so not only do you get to conceal your dark under eyes, you get the added benefit of fighting the puffiness.



Coffee makes a great exfoliant and can reduce cellulite

Because of its grainy texture, rubbing grounds on your skin will help remove dead skin cells. While removing dead skin, the anti-inflammatory traits and the diuretic traits of coffee can tighten the skin reducing the visibility of cellulite. Who doesn’t want that! SkinnySkinny's Black Organic Coffee Scrub and All Things Jill's Honey Therapy Body Polish will give you a great exfoliation with coffee and will moisturize the skin.

 Reducing redness and inflammation

Caffeine restricts the blood vessels in the skin and cause redness to dissipate and a reducing in any inflammation. It is great for the face and the body. So next time your face is a little red, give coffee a try!

Coffee shines hair and enhances a darker hair colour

Not just for your hair, but your eyelashes too!! Coffee can enhance and darken your hair and lashes. Evelyn Iona knows this and includes it in their Mascara. Darken your lashes the natural way!

Coffee can reduce dandruff

Use those old coffee grounds, dry them out and next time you are in the shower, rub them into your scalp. This will help exfoliate the old dry skin cells and help reduce dandruff!


So there you have it.  Coffee beans are pretty much magical. So, next time you are going to throw out that coffee filter full of ground coffee, think twice! You may be able to repurpose it!



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